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From her early childhood, Malini Taneja has been practicing bhakti-yoga and visitng the ancient temples of India. She has trained in the classical temple dance Bharatnatyam for over 10 years under the tutelage of world-renowned Srimati Viji Prakash. She has performed as a soloist in classical productions such as "Mara" and "Meera" and has toured in India with the Los Angeles based Shakti Dance Company. With the knowledge imparted from both her dance teacher and her spiritual master, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaj, Malini sees dance as a yoga, in which one can feel deep spiritual connection with the divine through rhythmic movement and ancient storytelling. Malini also regularly performs with the kirtan band, the KIRTANIYAS and tours with the Holi Festival of Colors, where she is known for engaging the crowd in dancing various styles (hip hop, bhangra, bollywood folk, salsa, African) to electronic dance music while chanting Vedic mantras.

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Titiksava Karunika Das aka TK is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Namrock Band. Namrock plays rock music in the style of 60's and 70's rock and roll with uplifting lyrics and also employs the use of sacred mantras. Mantras are used to elevate the consciousness of the listener. Sacred sound vibration in a rock candy coated package.

TK is a transcendental poet who wrote over 200 songs in English lyrics revealing ancient teachings from the Vedas from his personal realizations.

TK’s profound lyrics and his melodious chanting take the audience to the spiritual realm, where: “Every word is a song and every step a dance” This method of meditation satisfies the intellect as well as the heart of the listener.


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Emcee, Singer, DJ, producer, and percussionist. Srikalogy uses Ableton Live to perform his original music, improvising live with Indian percussion and ambient vocals. His projects incorporate dub, hip hop, reggae, world beats, and sacred mantras. His mission is to uplift, open hearts, and move bodies.“

“My music is about transformation. So much so, that if you stripped away the music, that message is still there,” he explains.


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