Tips for Event Goers

Child with mask. Photo by Ali Penko.

1) Wear proper attire

With multiple colours of powder being thrown in every direction, clothes can be damaged and stained. This includes outerwear, under garments and shoes. Over time an unspoken tradition has developed that those in attendance wear white clothes. The white clothes offer an extreme contrast to the coloured powder thrown during the event.

2) Protect your eyes, mouth and nose

A bandana and sunglasses can go a long way in protecting a person’s eyes, mouth and nose. Many in attendance throw chalk in every direction and an unsuspecting passerby can easily catch a face-full of chalk.

3) Car-pool or ride your bike

Arrange for your driver to drop off the group at the gate. With a high volume of traffic, we are encouraging taking the bus, Skytrain, biking or carpooling.

Red and gold powder. Photo by Carollyne Sinclair.

4) Purchasing powder on site

$3 per bag or 4 bags for $10. Cash or cards.

5) Get to the festival early

Parking is offsite and it takes 12 minutes to park and walk to the Bear Creek Park. “I got there at the wrong time, between the throwing periods,” an attendee said. The main throwing periods happen every hour.

6) Take care of your camera

Last year, an attendee, brought her camera to the event. “Those kind of events I think you have to document with pictures,” she said. While taking a picture, one of her friends caught her by surprise and hit her camera with chalk. The camera was damaged from the chalk and no longer works. To prevent occurrences like this, cameras should be carried in plastic bags and some people suggest using shrink wrap to cover all but the camera lens.

Tadasana. Photo by Carollyne Sinclair.

7) Be prepared to get friendly

With 2,000 people around, those in attendance will get more than their fill of contact. On top of that, they are encouraged to build relationships with “Let me just put it this way, there’s a lot of free hugs that go around,” Charu Das says.

8) Bring old bed sheets and a change of clothes

After leaving the festival, participants’ clothes will be covered in multiple colours of powder. A change of clothes and a trash bag to carry the coloured clothes will be helpful in preventing messes in the car. Beyond new clothes, old bed sheets for car seats can be useful. While participants can change their clothes, there will still be plenty of residual powder on their bodies.

9) Clean up properly

Before jumping in the shower, as much dry powder should be removed as possible. If the powder is not removed, hair can be dyed while washing. Angela Rowberry, a former BYU student, learned this lesson during her first trip to the festival.

“The first year I went I ended up with a thick, pink streak on the left side of my head,” she said. “It stayed there for about a month.” The same tips can be applied to cleaning clothes. Before putting clothes in the wash, students should shake out their clothes vigorously to remove as much powder as possible.

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Notice: Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking are not permitted on Festival grounds.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone, or to escort anyone off the property for improper conduct.

  • Do not throw colours into people’s eyes or mouth. It is even more fun to rub the colours, into the hair, back of the neck, and cheeks. If anyone gets irritants in their eyes, go to the clearly marked first aid tent where EMTs will give you an eye rinse. We’ll always have on hand bandanas, sunglasses and dust masks for covering eyes and mouth…recommended.  Anyone with asthma or any other breathing issues should avoid colour events, or at least wear a mask and stay well away from the center of action. Same advice if you happen to be allergic to corn starch.
  • Do not wear contacts to a colour event!
  • Do not purchase colours from illegal vendors as they will be confiscated. Every bag should have the temple label, and must be in Temple approved packaging.
  • Those who would rather observe than participate in the throwing of the colours may stay back and watch from a distance, but there is no guarantee. Be courteous of local businesses and do not leave messes in their bathrooms.
  • Do not throw colours on any passing cars, or on any performers, musicians, and especially not on the uniforms of any firemen or police. If you do the latter, you might get arrested.
  • Festival goers are advised to think twice before going into the middle of the crowd when the colours are first thrown. If you have not been before or have asthma, being smack in the middle of the crowd will be a challenge. Stay to the edges, and have a cloth to cover your nose and mouth for the first three minutes. We will have dust masks for sale at .25 cents. Under no circumstances should small children be in the middle of the crowd, unless high on the shoulders of their fathers, and wearing the right protection.


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